Compass loans: online quotes, simulation and calculation.

To date, Compass personal loans are among the most sought after in Italy, in fact, thanks to these loans, many people have the opportunity to go on to carry out medium-level projects such as: the purchase of a car, the purchase of furniture, panels solar or even you can go to renovate a house.

The financial company Compass is part of the Lite lender group and offers its potential customers to request the granting of a loan which has an amount of up to $ 30 thousand. Obviously there will be advantageous conditions and then the loan applicant will have all the freedom to hurl the duration of the loan and the amount of the installment he will pay.

How do you apply for a Compass loan online?

How do you apply for a Compass loan online?

Applying for a Compass loan is really very simple, as you only need to go to one of the stores in Italy, but you can also apply online.

Obviously nowadays everything is done comfortably from home, just having a PC or a smartphone, it is very simple therefore, to request a loan online, to do it you need to: connect to the Compass website and then click on the item “Personal loans”.

From here then the commercial offer will appear, then it will be up to the customer to choose which one is good or not, if it is good you can go to simulate the amount that will have the installment and the duration of the amortization plan.

If the customer, after making the simulation, is satisfied with the conditions, he can finally fill in the form that will be present on the site, in which he will have to enter his personal data and any documents which are: the identity card or the driving license, the tax code and then the last paycheck if you are employed, the single model if you are self-employed, finally if you are retired, the pension slip will suffice.

After checking the staff of the financial company Compass will decide whether or not to accept the loan request, the response times are very short and also if the loan will be accepted the amount will be charged by check or bank transfer.

What are the types of personal loans that can be requested?

What are the types of personal loans that can be requested?

Compass offers its potential customers numerous types of personal loans which are:

  • Easy: in this offer that Compass offers you can build the installment of the loan yourself, obviously the installment will be made on the basis of the needs of the customer himself, then since this is the basic offer that Compass offers you will not be able to change the installment amount, however there is always an advantage in fact, the installment always remains the same, for the total duration of the amortization plan.
  • The second proposal that Compass offers is: the Easy jump offer, that is, the installment jump, if you decide to choose this type of financing, the customer will be able to skip the payment of the installment for five volts, this obviously takes place totally free of charge , then full repayment of the installments will be granted at the end of the payment.
  • The third Compass proposal is Easy Change this option is nicknamed change of the installment, this is because if you choose to make a loan with this type of operation, the customer will be able to decrease the amount of the installment for five times and no more, however by as can be seen, the duration of the loan will be longer.
  • The fourth option that Compass offers is Easy Flex this type of proposal is the one that is chosen by many people, in fact it reconciles du Compass proposals or “Easy jump” and “Easy Flex”, therefore thanks to this proposal the customer will have the possibility both to reduce that to skip the installment up to five times and no more.
  • The last of the many Compass proposals is Mini Credit, this is also one of the most popular offers, thanks to this proposal you can get a small loan for the amount of 1,500 USD, this offer was made to Compass to guarantee the customer to make a little dream come true. Even this small loan can be paid in small installments of an amount of one hundred or fifty USD each.

Can loans be made to the unemployed?

Can loans be made to the unemployed?

Unfortunately, due to the economic crisis present for some years in Italy, work is less and less and there is an increasing demand for funding for unemployed people. Precisely for this reason the Compass credit institute has thought of inserting credit lines to try to meet unemployed people.

Obviously, however, personal loans made by an unemployed person need the signature of a guarantor, i.e. a person who guarantees the repayment of the loan on a regular basis and therefore if the loan is not paid by the applicant, the guarantor will have to intervene, and obviously it will have to have a paycheck.

Then Compass thought about the quick loans that can be made online, these however are loans for people who need money immediately, in fact the money will be deposited in the beneficiary’s current account within or twenty-four or forty-eight hours from the acceptance of the loan.

However, the sums that are paid for these loans are very often low, so very often they do not exceed the sum of five thousand USD.

Before going to sign the loan, however, it is necessary to be aware of the amount of the installment that will be paid monthly, in this way the customer will know if he will have the economic possibilities of supporting that amount monthly or will have to reduce it.

What are the requirements to be able to make a Compass personal loan?

To be able to apply for a personal Compass loan, obviously you must have requirements, meanwhile it can be done by both Italian and foreign citizens, for Italian citizens it is necessary to be aged between eighteen and seventy years. For foreign citizens, however, at least one year of residence in Italy is required, and the residence permit must obviously be valid.

How to get a personal loan without guarantee advances 2019

With the arrival of the new year, all the staff of the Compass financial company are looking for a way to get unemployed people a loan without the need for a guarantor, obviously there is some anticipation.

How do you know if you do not have an income, obtaining financing without a guarantor is an almost impossible thing, but is Compass trying to make this possible? Through the brand new loans of honor: Loans of honor are loans reserved for students, so students can receive financing without having the parents’ signature as guarantors, in this way the student will receive his loan but he can pay it to example at the end of his studies so when he can find a job.

This of course is only a small preview for 2019 but on the construction site there are many news even for those who are not a student. So as can be seen from the text, making a personal Compass loan is possible for everyone, it is easy and also it is also possible to do it from home, therefore online.